How rice water is beneficial for your skin?

For skin care purposes

Soak a cotton ball thoroughly in rice water and apply all over your face in the morning and evening. Going to bed with freshly applied rice water is said to increase benefits. Let your face dry naturally.

Rice water is also good for acne since it reduce redness and clear blemishes, and the starch in the water is said to soothe the inflammation of eczema.

Rice contains natural antioxidants like vitamin C, vitamin-A, phenolic and flavonoid compounds, which may minimize free radical damage from age, sun and environment.


For hair purposes

After shampooing and conditioning as usual, rinse hair thoroughly with a generous helping of cooled rice water as the final finish.

Use a rice water finish rinse once or twice a week for best results.


As an overall health meter

Drink it usually.Rice water contains vitamins and minerals that boost immunity and increase aerobic metabolism. It also makes you a stronger and fitter person by increasing bone density.

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