Do You Know Your Eyebrows Reveal About Your Personality?

Every individual in this world is unique, but we’re united by some common traits too. Like our eyebrows, we all have eyebrows. But, when you look closely, you can figure out that they’re of different types too. And when you observe even more closely, you will be able to relate the similarities in the personalities of people with commonly shaped eyebrows. Well, you don’t have to do that much observation and detailing as we’ve already did that for you!

Yes, you read that right. We’ve made a list of the different types of eyebrows and their related personalities. Make sure you find which one is yours. Maybe you get to know a bit more about even yourself.

1. The regular arched

These are the perfect eyebrows. Women’s having such eyebrows are traditionalists and have an amicable relationship with every person in their life. They’re also good decision makers and avoid unnecessary drama in their life.

2. The natural straight

If one is blessed with straight, horizontal and flat eyebrows, then they’ve not faced any hardships in life. They are very organized types of personalities. They keep things very ordered in their life. They’re not at all impulsive and rely on cold logic instead of fuzzy feeling.

3. The high arch

These are the people who grab attention wherever they go. They love limelight and always want to be the centre of attraction. They have an artistic persona and playful nature, and that’s the reason they become everyone’s favourite. They’re born perfectionist and are known to take difficult decisions. They’re also self critical.

4. The straight up

Women’s with this type of eyebright are often misunderstood as “no nonsense” look on their face is quite prominent. However, this is quite misleading. These are actually gentle souls and are crystal clear about what they want in life.

5. The short brow

These women’s are best described as detail oriented and tenacious. They’re admirable and hard working too. All they need is a broader outlook in life.

6. The thick brow

Women’s with these thick eyebright don’t give a damm about society’s expectations of beauty. Instead, they love things the way they’re and does not modify them.

7. The unibrow

The women’s who flaunt this eyebrow don’t care about other people’s judgement on them. They find themselves unique and are proud of the same. They have vibrant imaginations and love to create their own fantasy world.

8. The thin brow

These women’s are not interested in conflicts. They possess a sophisticated nature and are likely to be the epitome of innocence. They’re more of listeners and aren’t interested in speaking out loud.

9. The large gap

Women’s that are endowed with such eyebrows are hell bent on achieving the benchmark. These women are just too anxious for their own good. The main reason for their anxiety is that genuinely concerned about people around them.

10. The pointed brow

These women are born to be leaders. They’re single minded and ambitious. They handle responsibilities like a pro. They may seem intimidating to their juniors and colleagues. People will get inspired and frightened by you at the same time.

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