8 Makeup Mistakes You Need To Stop Doing

Hey make-up lovers! Today we’ve something really interesting and amazing for you! But before that, answer one easy question- How often do you apply makeup? If it’s very often, then do read this. Makeup is our best friend when we have to look seemingly gorgeous even with all our flaws. It can hide them and beautify us. But, until and unless you apply it the correct way! What if you’ve been doing things really wrong and inappropriate. Things go messy and you end up looking as your worst nightmare. But don’t worry, we won’t let that ever happen as we’re here with the 8 makeup mistakes that you need to stop making.

1. Dried skin

Mistake:- It’s not advisable to apply makeup on a dry skin.

Solution:- Don’t just apply tons of makeup over dry skin without preparing it for the same. Otherwise, you’ll be crying over your look. Most people make this mistake. But, you should actually be first hydrating your skin properly and continuously. By hydrating we mean that you should apply some cream or a corn and olive oil based natural mask. These steps are very important, especially for a dry skin so that the makeup could really stay for long.

2. Foundation shade

Mistake:- A very common mistake seen even among the perfectionist is choosing the wrong foundation shade. While much darker shade makes it look like a face mask, opting for more lighter shade is even worse. It highlights all the facial imperfections and you can only regret later. So, make sure you’ve the right tone.

Solution:- Buy a foundation that is closest to your skin tone. Maybe at times, you’ll find more than one foundations that you think are suitable for you. But do not buy them out of confusion. Apply a line from each of the foundation over your neck and observe closely that which one camouflages with your skin tone. Do not buy a foundation by testing over your hand as hands are a bit darker than the face. Bought one- Good, now another thing you should be probably considering. Applying foundation the right way will give you a fresh look. Don’t use too much of foundation over your face. And we repeat, don’t use a foundation of a darker shade as you’ll look tanned and after on the results will be disasterous.

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