What Does Your Hand Line Reveal About You? You Will Be Surprised!

Palmistry is the claim of characterization and foretelling the future through the study of the palm, also known as chirology, or in popular culture as palm reading. It has been rightly said that “often the hands will solve a mystery that the intellect has struggled with in vain”.

There are a total of 12 lines spread across our palm, but the heart line, life line, and head line are key. It’s your writing hand that describes you and the less active hand that carries details about your past. It’s worthwhile to mention that not all lines on our hands are fixed, some of the small ones, those that cut across the fingers, change every month! The major hand lines reveal physical energy whereas the head line represents emotional energy.

Each of these lines characterizes a different aspect of the person. Their meanings can be ascertained by examining the size, depth, prominence, and curvature of the lines, as well ascertain symbols found along the lines.

In this article we will look at the head line.

The head line, often known as the wisdom line, holds great significance in Chinese palmistry. Wedged between the heart line and the life line, the head line reveals mental and psychological makeup, intellectual development, and intuitive abilities of a person. The head line is not a quotient of your intelligence, but it’s indicative of how you use your mind. The more uniform and straight the head line appears, the more practical and logical you tend to be. A curvy head line is found in the hands of imaginative and intuitive people.

The head line may originate from six general areas; each area denotes a different mental approach to dealing with life.


The first thing to look for is the length of the headline; if it is long and runs across the hand, it reveals a strong mentality. Whereas a short headline denotes a relatively weaker mentality. A longer headline is further symbolic of having a good memory.

At Its End, A Short Line Branches Off

If the head line branches out into a ‘y’ at the end, it signifies that the person is pensive, competent, and empathetic. While such people are not introverts, they do enjoy their solitude to dwell on their thoughts and tap into their creative energy. However, while such people are innovators, they can sometimes suffer from delusions. Thus, strive towards striking a balance between fantasy and reality. You do not live for the limelight, you are an enabler, always watching out for your peers and colleagues. Sometimes, your empathy can be crippling, nevertheless, you have a largely consistent personality and do not lose yourself in the crowd. Conversations with you are mostly engaging, profound, and romantic.

In The Middle, A Lengthy Line Branches Off

The head line that branches off in the middle, making a ‘V’, indicates adaptability. You have a malleable attitude that can be shaped according to the given situation. You do not suffer from a rigid mindset, which makes you rather amicable. You’re true to yourself, and that peace within helps you retain harmony in all kinds of social environments.

Runs Upwards To The Mount Of Mercury

If your head line swirls towards the mount of mercury, you’re ambitious. You are dedicated, disciplined, and self-propelled. Your sharp mind helps you perceive things more clearly than others. You observe the details others tend to miss, which lends a deep enterprising shade to your personality. You’re not vulnerable or easily convinced.

Runs Upwards To The Mount Of Mars

If your head line rushes to meet the mount of Mars, you’re playing with fire. You’re often too possessive, thus never quite at ease with yourself and your loved ones. You have a compulsive need to know what transpires in everyone’s life. You prefer to be the center of attention and do not react very well on being excluded from any conversation or activity. You are often tempted to surround yourself with visible signs of security, such as a material possessions, money, etc.

Joined To Life Line/Separated From Life Line

If the head line overlaps the life line for some distance, it shows an introvert, prudent, and thoughtful character. The longer the overlap, the more indecisive and dependent you are. However, if your head line stands alone, separated from the life line, it signifies a bold and extrovert character. People with straight, clear, disjointed lines enjoy a healthy amount of confidence, self-respect, determination, and success.
Thus, the head line reveals the pattern of energies that are less subtle than the heart line energies. These are often grounded in the facts of life and are related to the thought process used in daily life. The mind is a force that enables us to alter our natural life course. An understanding of your natural tendencies, qualities, and disadvantages would not only help you take control of your life but would bring about a sense of harmony from within.

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