10 Japanese Trends That You Won’t Believe Are Real

4. Kigurumi

This trend is something you may be familiar with. These animal-style pajamas are part of Japanese street fashion, worn by both men and women — and we’re not talking about just teenagers. Another trend, known as “animegao kigurumi” which is a more interesting phenomenon than the normal kigurumi. It’s a part of cosplay, and here people use masks in the form of a whole head in addition to the usual costumes of the characters. This is an effort to make themselves even more similar to their beloved anime characters.

5. Face lifting masks

Asians, particularly Japanese are very conscious about their skin. And there’s no easier way to make them happy other than complimenting them about their beautiful skin. Japan has loads of skin care products and you can find the most unusual masks with sauna- and gym-like effects, massaging tools, and more. This particular mask is kind of an exercise for your face and to get rid of wrinkles, tone the cheeks, and improve blood circulation. Well, it does sounds weird but humans can do anything to look youthful.

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