The 10 Worst Things You Can Do To Your Hair

Using A Dirty Brush On Your Hair

Every time we brush our hair, lots of dead skin cells end up in our brush, unseen to the naked eye. However, did you know that these dead skin cells create the perfect environment for the growth of all sorts of bacteria? These will get reintroduced to your scalp if you do not clean your hairbrush regularly, leaving your hair greasy or even infected. So to prevent your hair from problems Wash or clean your hairbrushes regularly.

Washing Hair Often And In Very Hot Water

Not everyone knows this but our scalp possesses glands that produce natural oils which are essential for thick, shiny, and healthy hair. Having said that, hot water can remove these essential oils, making your hair brittle and dry. Over-washing, too, will end up doing the same. Also, over washing tend to make your hair dry and frizzy so instead of washing your hair every day you can wash your hair hair twice in a week on a regular basis. Moreover, you can also go for dry bath where the use of talcum powder extracts the excess unwanted oil and the dirt from your hair.

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