10 Signs That You Need To Get Out Of Your Relationship Now

9. Your partner makes you insecure

If your partner makes you insecure and that too intentionally, it means they want to make you feel less worthy. They don’t let you feel confident and this is perfectly wrong for a relationship. If that’s the case with you, you deserve better.

10. You’ve an abusive partner

Be it physical, mental or emotional, an abusive partner is not an option. In love, there’s no option of hurting our loved ones even once. And when you face it always, it’s time to call it quits. What we suggest is that even if you face a single instance of abuse, move away right then and never look back.

Relationships are hard to maintain, but there’s one thing for sure, they can never be a cause of misery, agony or stress. If that happens to you, you deserve to be with someone better.

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