Choose the Man You Like and Learn Something New About Your Personality

It often happens that some celebrities attract us more than others and we secretly harbor the desire of having someone like him as our soulmate. Have you ever tried the applications that lets you know your love, crush or admirer? Well what do you think they do? How do they find a match from billions of people in this world? Qualities is the answer. The similarity of quality is what make a perfect match on the other side the opposites too make a good pair.

Likewise, following is a test for you to determine the personality traits you long for in your prince charming. Select the one man from the 8 who you think represents the perfect man and we will tell you what qualities you look for in a man. The test is based on the proven Myers – Briggs Type Indicator and can effectively be used to determine the psychological personality of a person.

Have you chosen the man you like best? Then scroll down to find out some facts about yourself!


You want your man to be good at judging people and situations so that he can use the detailed information to make the right decision. It can clearly be understood by looking at the wide range of charities that Hugh Jackman supports ranging from those working towards eradicating poverty to those working to provide critically needed services for people with AIDS, HIV, or HIV-related illnesses.


You admire a man who loves being at the center of attention and constantly puts on a show for others to entertain them and make them happy. It appears that in real life, Leonardo DiCaprio is after all not very different from his character, Jack Dawson, in the Oscar-winning movie Titanic.


If you find yourself attracted to men like Vladimir Putin or Steve Jobs, then you like your man to be strong and able to stand up for what he believes is the right path. They almost always know the easiest and the most expedient route to completing a task and they do not waste their efforts on unnecessary things. They are excellent troubleshooters.


Brad Pitt is a man with an amazing aesthetic sense. Not only has he given us some amazing movies, but what is unknown is that he is also deeply interested in architecture, even taking time away from film to study computer-aided design at the Los Angeles offices of renowned architect, Frank Gehry. If you like Brad Pitt, then you like a man who has a good aesthetic sense. You like your men to be dreamers.


If you dream of a Prince Charming who lives in a world of possibilities where any challenge can be surmounted, you want someone like George Clooney, who will believe that he can be the one to make things happen. This description accurately portrays this individual who not only continues to achieve his artistic goals but was also a passionate activist in the most recent years.


You wish your partner to be optimistic and full of enthusiasm about the future, just like President Obama, who coined the slogan, “Yes, We Can.” They are people who see possibilities anywhere and everywhere. They get excited and enthusiastic about their ideas and are able to spread their enthusiasm to others.


It’s no secret that even though Mark Zuckerberg is a successful entrepreneur, he’s still media shy and during his formative years, nervousness was clearly evident on his face during interviews. If you admire someone like Mark, then you like men with leadership qualities who shy away from sharing the limelight. They are the supreme strategists — always scanning available ideas and concepts.


You yearn for a partner who is warm, enthusiastic, very bright, and full of potential. He should live in the world of possibilities and can become very passionate and excited about things that are important to him. Are you confused about whether we are talking about Daniel Radcliffe or Harry Potter? It seems they both share similar personality traits.

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