6 Clothing Hack To Cover Belly Fat

5. Rock a hi-low hemline to keep your dress from flying up in the back.

It’s too hot for tights, but your booty can make dresses ride up in the back, so when it gets windy, you have to scramble to avoid flashing the entire hallway. Hi-low dresses are longer in the back so you can show some leg without showing your underwear, too.

6. Tone down cleavage without adding an extra layer.

Let’s face it, low-cut necklines are just not made for girls with big chests. But when it’s super hot out, wearing a cami underneath just makes you more sweaty. There’s a solution: Cami Secret, an “As Seen On TV” brand that is actually super genius for covering up cleavage without the extra layer. If you can get past the silly commercial and visuals, you’ll be obsessed. It’s a tiny triangle of fabric that attaches to your bra, giving the illusion of a tank underneath your top. You can adjust it higher or lower for the perf coverage.

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