6 Common Mistakes Women Make While Shopping

5. Purchasing something with the idea that you’ll “rework” it.

Have you ever bought an itchy sweater and thought you’d make do with it if you wore a T-shirt underneath? Or did you buy a maxi skirt with the intent to turn it into a midi one? If you’re a sewer or you have a trusted tailor and you’re looking to do minor tweaks, it can work. However, if you have a habit of buying things that you plan on reworking but never getting around to it, it’s probably a good idea to hold off and buy things that you fully love the way they are.

6. Not trying anything on.

You will never be the same size in every store. What’s more, you will not necessarily be the same size in all garments in one store. Every piece fits differently thanks to different cuts and fabrics. If you don’t feel like trying another on, come back shopping when you do.

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