17 Makeup and Beauty Tips All Women Should Know

Foundation over 50? Choose yellow undertones. 

We put a lot of guesswork into finding our perfect foundation shade. Yellow, red, pink, neutral? For some of us, the choice isn’t clear, so when we do find one that matches, we cling to it.

But colors vary from brand to brand despite the idea that they’re using the same undertone. So when your foundation gets discontinued, you have to start all over again. Well, the good news is that with age, you can put less effort into tone matching. Women over 50 most often look brighter and younger when wearing a yellow-based foundation. Golden tones in general are very age-defying. A yellow-based foundation in the appropriate shade depth will counteract any grayish tones slowly taking your complexion over.

Blot your Face with Toilet Seat Covers

Blot your face with toilet seat covers to soak up excess dirt and oil! I know, it sounds downright disgusting! But really, it’s just piece of tissue paper. The material used for toilet seat covers is similar to those oil-absorbing sheets you can purchase at your local drug store. It’s a neat trick that’ll save you a few bucks!

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