15 Clever Beauty Hacks Suggested By Experts

We do have our hacks which often fail. We need some better and long lasting ones. So here are the following ways recommended by the industry experts.

1) “Freeze milk in an ice-cube tray and massage your face with the cubes wrapped in muslin. They lift the dead cells and boost circulation, thereby giving an instant facelift.” – Ole Henriksen, skincare expert



2) “Place stick sunscreen on brows to prevent UV rays bleaching the hairs.” – Vanita Parti, founder, Blink Brow Bars

3) “Want a few more wears out of your favourite near-empty lipgloss?  “Pop the tube in a glass of warm water for 10 minutes and melt the gloss from the sides.” – Daniel Sandler, make-up artist

4) “Use mascara as eyeliner.” – Craig-Ryan French, creative director, Paul & Joe Beauté

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