12 Fashion trends that are crime against fashion

FASHION the 7 letter word is a boon and a bane itself. Every year ramp walks give us outfit goals that are bold , beautiful and sometimes requires a lot of courage . We today are going to take you to the forbidden kingdom of fashion.

Statutory warning, the content below is explicit . Heart patients are requested to watch it with somebody .

So let’s take a look at them.



Lotus shoes

Lotus shoes were worn by Chinese girls with bound feet. For centuries, families repeatedly broke and folded the feet of their young daughters to create the tiny feet that epitomized femininity. The foot was bound with long ribbons to prevent growth. If the toes withered and fell off, even better. The process usually took between two to three years, and the girl’s feet were bound for the rest of her life.


Bear jackets

Let’s restrict bears only to the ground and not on the shoulders.

Balenciaga’s car mat skirts.

people need real guts to first buy that and then dare to wear that.


God knows what is this


Too bored of your mainstream eyebrows, try the winged one



The minimalist



Colorful armpits

Yes you heard it right, people do that. too


Got some room for your hair in your jacket



Fluffy nails



Too long sleeves

Over sized hoodies are surely in fashion but long sleeves that too , too long.


Perfect combination of bizarre + illusion i.e. double jeans



Bra on the outside

Who said you can wear your bra on the inside and not on the outside.

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